I was being serious until pink happened all over this :’D
Ignoring my scribbles over this picture, I like to think that Dia, despite being a hulking Roegadyn woman, loves cute shit like Moogles and stuffed chocobos. I am working on her room but I hope to have it filled with any cute things I can either make or my retainer brings for me because I am also a cheap/poor ho.
I’m sure she cries at night over how many times she has slain the Good King Mog in search of her Mog Tome that she now always uses as a Scholar. True Story.

My part of an art trade with ze awesome chop-stuff of her character Alma. In the description it sounded like she could be a bit of a fire cracker when in a disagreement so I decided to draw her chewing some one out 8 D. Fun stuffs. She had a really fun figure to draw and I loved doing the print on her top X3

OMGOSH what a sassy babe *u* I love your colouring style it’s so pretty, I’m just going to sit in my corner geeking out now XDD Thank you so much, this was fun~
Rough sketch of Vince for height chart, I will finish it another time I’m way too tired tonight.
I don’t know why I’m even doing him in Frank’s height chart, he will be absent through all of it unless I feel like drawing him shitting his pants and jumping out of a window at some point to avoid Frank.Still unsure if I want to give him his natural hair colour or give him his trademark purple hair, I dunno if anyone really cares it’s been a very long time since I’ve drawn Vince anyway XD
Irene, Anisa and Nic.
This is an old family trio I’ve had floating around since like 2007 but I’ve only recently picked them up again.
Irene and Nic started their family at a young age, at a time when it was being decided who would take over the rule of the city. Because of Irene’s ‘carelessness’ and impending family responsibilities they passed her off in favour of the unburdened Alma; much to her distaste. (And Irene’s rejoice)As cold as the formalities sound, Gael and Nyla adore their grand daughter and dote on her as much as they can in their new found free time.They try to get them to come back to their residence but Irene is adamant on staying put as a normal citizen, saying that because she gave up her place of power that she doesn’t deserve the luxuries, she enjoys her simple family life.Alma misses her but is still upset about the sneaky move Irene pulled, sometimes she will come off as a bit cold and bitter, but she still cares deeply about her sister.
I’ll probably write more about them another time maybe, have a scribble-di-doo
Giving Irene’s daughter a proper design I guess, because I’m super bored.
Anisa El-Amin, She has an impeccable memory, she could remember every face in a crowded street down to each nose hair, but because of the amount of information she holds; insignificant or not, she tends not to speak.She is very shy, so she tends to just watch and listen to people rather than interact.
Jacob and Hope.
I don’t draw these two very much but I am really attached to them :’DEven moreso since I changed them up, I got rid of their age gap and I guess it clicked more with me.

I never really feel short until I go to outside.

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I don’t know how many times I will flip flop on poor Kaan’s age, but he really does work best as a very young fellow rather than an adult.And here I was thinking I would never write a story centered around fuckin teenagers, fwof fwof fwof~
Since I first created Kaan, there has always been confusion/snarky feedback about whether he is a boy or a girl. And I think I am finally at a point where I can say; you know what? I am ok with that. Kaan’s a little feminine looking, that’s fine, he probably will never grow up to be a handsome manly fella and that’s fine too, it’s just not really in his character to be like that XD Kaan is a boy who embraces his ‘feminine’ side without even thinking about it because he has no pressure to be anything but himself.His only drive is to be more courageous and overcome all his fears and anxieties, relying on only his most basic instincts since he has no one to fall back on to ask for help. He does things his own way, and that is something I will have fun with when I knuckle down and write both him and Hyun Jae.
On the other hand, he would never wear his hair like this XD I just drew it that way so I could make a nice clean sketch of his face, He would more than likely wear it down or have his hood up. Or in warmer climates he would cut it all off, whichever works at the time~