Awkward drive home where my mum doesn’t think being asexual is a thing. This is why I don’t talk about sex with my parents :’D

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Playing games and suddenly-

Chop-Stuff's Melody, in her Silent Hill!AU 
If you are excited for a silent hill game where you get to befriend the savage monsters and admire Pyramid Head’s gams then we got the best one for you. Silent Hill infinity. With Melody. Yay! 
Hales, you have been having a crummy week. I hope that now that it is finally over I hope life goes better for you! 

Omg ete I’m sorry I cant make a giant post reply explaining how much I love you right now since I have no computer for the next week but this has made my day and I adore how you drew mel. Thank you so much you are an amazing person ;u;
Been meaning to try this exercise for a while. Sorry it’s really rough a shitty, Been feeling pretty crap tonight :’D
You know if someone told me “old man punches pterodactyl in the face” instead of showing me context-less gifs of Mable doing Mable things, I probably would have watched Gravity Falls so long ago :’D
Teen Mel doodle.
Bridie Mackay.
She can be intimidating at first with her boisterous, easy to rile up personality, but as soon as she introduces you to her family it is clear as day that Bridie is a giant softy deep down.Since becoming a mother she has taken up sleuthing a little bit into her currently incomplete family tree, tracking down distant relatives and close family friends in the hopes of collecting photos and filling in the gaps here and there.The Johansson and Crawford families were very close in the past, so Bridie tracked down Frank in the hopes of him possibly having some new info for her. He didn’t really have a lot to share, but he became a new family friend to the Mackay’s, as well as being curious about the family tree himself.
Bridie is pretty much family to Frank, and her kids do fondly refer to him as Uncle.
I realise I don’t really write much about Bridie seriously :’D She’s always that silly loud family friend of Franks, but there is more there, I just don’t want to say because I need some secrets I guess :’D
I don’t really have much to say about T.K that I didn’t write in the old picture of him.He’s a bit of a hermit and has absolutely no charm whatsoever, but he is one of the most sexually active nerds you’ll ever know. All anyone really has to do is say “you fancy a shag?” and he’ll be ready in 5.He also smokes like a chimney and loves the smell of coffee, although he never drinks it himself, he gets people who don’t know that to buy him coffee and he just lets it sit on his desk while he works.He went outside once, didn’t like it, stays home now.
He’s kind of like a less serious, promiscuous Frank with weird habits.
This is just a newer picture for the height chart, whether it’s better or not is subjective :’D

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I never got to do more but hey, 1 is better than none~

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