Testing out my parents new laptop to see if my tablet will cooperate with windows 8~

Saving the crayon settings because they were set to something different and they are so much nicer than the ones I usually use so ignore this, it’s just for me XD
Madeline and Lance.
Because I don’t draw enough of Maddy.Or Lance for that matter.

Ele, this made me smile way too much cBThank you for the cute little drawings and the lovely letter, what a nice surprise in my letterbox~
I squealed a little bit on the inside at the Alma drawing, thank you so much ;u;
I have no comments.
Vince. Yup.
I just wanted to draw Mel with thick rimmed glasses :’D
Because she wasn’t dweeby enough before.

Commission for Laska of their beautiful Roe, Floerthota Rhotwyb.
I enjoyed this way too much :’D