Gael El-Amin.
Gael comes from a family of mixed cultures, his Mother came from a city in the far north western region, his Father was half Southern, people tend not to be mixed in the northern desert city since outsiders rarely ventured that far.He was quite a novelty amongst the people, a man who walked like a Northerner, talked like a westerner and had the IQ of a southerner.
He doesn’t really talk much, mostly replying to people with a “oh” or an “uh”.This makes him come off a bit dumb, but it’s mostly because he has a poor grasp on the native language. He has failed to inform anyone of this, including his wife.Their relationship is mostly based on the fact that he is a novelty and he thinks she’s a barrel of fun. It’s difficult to understand how they have stayed together so long.
Nyla El-Amin.
Sitting down to work more on personal stuff. The coloured portrait would be a very young version, but it was just to get an idea on how she looks.
Nyla was a very calm demeanor-ed and just ruler, her swiftness in dealing with problems and willingness to listen to her peoples opinions and requests helped bring her city together through tough times.With the birth of her twin daughters she found that her people had become split down the middle on who they preferred to succeed her rule.Her husband was incapable of making the decision as he was a notorious indecisive silly bum. Although he was always around, people were just unsure of how around he was mentally, since his mind often wandered and many times he was visibly zoned out on something interesting on the other side of the room. Nyla liked to believe that he had finally been driven mad by the desert sun. (I will draw him later, he has no design yet)She was very stern with her daughters but they still got up to mischief on a regular basis, their Father often joined them.
Taking a break and doodling some personal stuff.
Alma and Iman. I’m not sure how settled I am about Iman having a full on mask, so I doodled him with half of one so at least I can draw his pretty pretty eyes when I draw him properly :’DMaybe he can alternate depending on how annoyed Alma feels about not seeing the faces she’s convinced he’s pulling behind his mask.She’d be pretty childish about silly things like that.
Iman would never pull faces at her.

kantobromance said: LOL oh my God change the water I read the tags and can’t unsee XDDD I didn’t even notice that before though, this looks so great

I had to point it out. I am so sorry.

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:’D sorted my shit out, so I could finish it XD
I might make a nice solid shape background just because it would look nicer as a sticker instead of a colour blotch, this was just a test.I’m open to feedback and ideas.
*edit* Fixed the water but in the process I lost the original file that had a much bigger canvas size :’D now it’s pretty much useless for prints. Brb hating my dumb sleepy brain ;u;
Welp this is all i can manage tonight because i have a kid who wont sleep and insists on trying to sit on my tablet so have a wip.
It sounds funny but really, I’m kind of annoyed and tired and I just want some quiet time right now to think ;u;
But yea, Just trying something very simple to test out whether I will do this with lines or lineless or whatever.
I was going to draw Mako and Bolin but then this happened.
I regret nothing.
Doodling some supporting characters to go with the main cast and wondering how to do Amon in this style even :’D
The first batch I knew what I was aiming for so they are bit nicer but these ones are kind of offset doodles to figure things out cBI got a chuckle reaction out of Amon’s little “=” bubble, so made someone smile today, aw yes.
Oh and feel free to drop some Korra characters or ideas in my ask box if you have any ideas on things for them to be doing instead of just standard poses XD I will check them tomorrow and might doodle some more cuties. Inspire me ohhhhhThese are just rough sketches, I will eventually be picking the nicest ones to redraw and colour properly if all goes well :’D
The bbys.
Since I’m enjoying book 3 and rewatching book 1, I may as well do some doodles while I’m still in a good mood~I may clean this up some time, or redraw them completely bending their elements (With Asami just doing her awesome kickass thing) as part of my redbubble idea :’D If I don’t use them then at least they’ll be cute little pictures XD

I’ve been thinking about maybe sitting down and doing some art to put up on Redbubble or Society6 (Depending, I haven’t really looked into that site) But I don’t know if anyone would be interested or what to really do.

This can really be anything, original work or specific fandom work-

So I thought I’d ask, if you were to buy prints or anything, what kinds of things would you be interested in, or what would you like to see me do?

More Crystal gems? Pokemon? Final Fantasy? Cute things? Majestic Porpoises?

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