Lavahanje's character, Yeva.
My part of a spontaneous art trade, I just hope I did this beautiful character justice despite my pooey details ;u; I haven’t had much time to do art lately, I may only be able to fulfill two out of three of my commitments due to stress so I picked the important ones of course cB
Irene doodle.
I rarely draw her with her hair down because then it’s hard to distinguish her and Alma :’D I am going to work on physical features that I can make subtle differences to so I don’t have to rely on colours and a head scarf to tell them apart.Irene has a daughter so I can start there probably XD
I’m sorry it’s rough, I had to fight a poor drawing mood to get this done before the end of the day, but I wanted to doodle something even if it’s small~
Happy Birthday, Moose, have a Faye, because she is the best ho.
Vincent, Victoria, Richard, Esteban, Reina, Lance.
The Vermillion/Lagasse family (Or well like half of it there are more next gen bbys)
The more I draw Richard, the dorkier he gets. He’s either a happy tourist or Australian. I am happy with either, although the idea of an Australian vampire who owns a crocodile park and disposes of his murder evidence via feeding to crocs really really really amuses me, that’s about the level of crack I expect from this family.
Esteban redesign, I made him more greasy XDD
The 30-something year old elder brother of Reina. Most of his time is put towards his band, of which he is the drummer. Instead of questioning their parents he decided to play his music loud and drink to drown out the shit he wants nothing to do with.
He has trouble holding down a stable place to live, so he tends to couch hop wherever people will allow him. He is very close with his little sister, although she does lose her patience with him, she feels bad that he went down such a negative path and tries to help when she can, even if it’s just buying him lunch or letting him use her shower.
He is a pretty decent dude, he just makes poor decisions and can be rather intolerable when drinking with his mates.
Reina doodle.
I keep making her face cute, I am ok with this.

death-on-impact said: I absolutely adore how round and full and lovely your female characters can be, and how you can display different body types in such fantastic ways. I really admire you for that

Ack thank you so very much ;u; that’s a lovely thing to hear right now, I’ve been pretty down recently so just know this compliment means the world to me <33

I am incredibly critical on myself when it comes to variety, so I have been beating myself up a lot when it comes to this stuff XD I really want all my characters to have their own bodies and individual looks, especially my ladies because that shit is important to me, as long as that shows, eventually I will be happy~

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